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Corporate event in Cannes

Cannes is a sexy place, and you should organise your corporate event in the Riviera for this exact reason. Cannes is one of the hottest towns for incentives, even better than St Tropez which is just too small and a killer for traffic. We enjoy Cannes, as it has glamour, sparks, many activities to do, many great hotels, and the beach. But we should warn you, an event in Cannes is expensive, so if you want to do something in one of the sexiest place in France, be prepared to spend. Below are the key points in favour of Cannes:

corporate event agency cannes

Great hotels: Cannes has some of the best hotels in the world. The Carlton, The Majestic or The Martinez are classics and classy. They host most of the big stars during the film festival. For those who want something with a twist, the 3:14 delivers that, with a rooftop pool and a great lounge bar. There are other hotels, but those are the best. They also have great meetings and conference rooms, all very well equipped so that you can work efficiently and peacefully.

corporate event agency cannes

Nightlife: this is one of the reasons to travel to Cannes. There are many clubs, bars, lounge bars, all very exciting. Our favourite is the Baoli, at the end of the pier, which has indoor and outdoor areas. You can have dinner there, and the food is excellent. The restaurants transforms into a night club around 11pm and that is usually the time when the beautiful and rich flock en masse to the Baoli. It is a great place to party, and where they host some of the best parties during the Cannes Film festival. You should also have dinner on the beach. Many of the great hotels have a private beach with a restaurant, and this one of the best ways to unwind after a day of work.

corporate event agency cannes

Activities: if you wish to take some time off work and do something, Cannes is a great place as it offers diverses activities. You have the sea, the mountains are not far. You can decide to rent a yacht for a day, venture off the coast to go swim with dolphins. You can also decide to rent a few supercars and enjoy driving to Monaco for a nice lunch on the harbor. Grasse is not far, and there you can visit some perfume makers, and even create your very own perfume. For those who want a more sportive approach, try cycling in the mountains, or rafting (early spring only), unless you prefer to try out some of the via ferratas.

corporate event agency cannes

There are so many things to do in and around Cannes. This is a great place to organise your event, seminar or incentive, but again, be prepared to spend.

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Vip corporate event in the Riviera

If you are looking to impress clients or reward your teams because they did a great job, here is special event that will be just perfect for those looking for luxury and the sun. We have done this event many times, and it always works perfectly, especially for people really looking to get into the Riviera Spirit. This program is for small groups – up to 15, 20 people max – and it remains exclusive throughout. This program is based on 2 days.

Saturday morning: Whether you land in Nice or Cannes, we will pick your group at the airport in a luxury bus and transfer to your chosen hotel in Cannes. We work with a variety of 4 and 5 star hotels and we will be happy to recommend one according to your tastes and budget. Then by mid-morning, we walk to the harbor. You will have plenty of time to admire the yachts and then board your own for a cruise in the bay. We like to rent one specific yacht as it has 3 open decks, which makes it perfect to enjoy the sun and the scenery.

corporate event agency france

We cruise in the bay and then stop between the Isles of Lerins, where the water is crystal clear. You can enjoy a swim or simply enjoy your champagne lunch. Then you will hear the roar of a speedboat coming. It is also for you as you will spend the afternoon trying out the speed of a huge speedboat, in turns. This experience is incredible and exhilarating. After all have tried this at the end of the afternoon, the yacht slowly returns at the harbor where you get a bit of time to relax. Dinner is at the Baoli, a very chic and trendy restaurant/club where all the movie stars gather when at the film festival. You can party all night…

On the Sunday, after a lazy morning, we take you to Grasse, a small village just 30mn from Cannes. This village is famous for its perfume makers, mostly working on lavender. It is also very famous for La Bastide St Antoine, a multi awarded restaurant. As you go through the gates of the property, you will see sports cars, such as Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini… Impressive. Even better, they are yours to drive before lunch. With the guidance of a professional driver, you will each try out the cars on the winding roads of the countryside. You can test the accelerations and breakings. This is also very impressive.

Then lunch awaits you, in the superb environment of the Bastide St Antoine, a Michelin awarded restaurant, with fantastic views reaching to the sea. The food is exquisite and well worth travelling to Grasse just for this. After lunch, we drive you back to the hotel. Depending on your departure time, you can either have some free time, or we drive you back to the airport.

This is a short 2 day program, mixing relaxation, adrenaline, partying, great food, yacht and super cars. This is what the Riviera is all about. Not everyone likes this, but if you do, this program will not disappoint you. Contact us to know more.

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