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Air Iceland is developing routes

Good news for travellers to Iceland. AirIceland is set to add a new route to its collection of international flights to Iceland’s neighbouring countries. The airline currently operates flights to the Faroe Islands and five destinations in Greenland, including the capital, Nuuk. In 2016, the tongue-twisting eastern town of Ittoqqortoormiit is set for some similarly unpronounceable competition as the airline opens a new route to the remote eastern outpost of Kangerlussuaq. As well as a museum to the town’s history as a former US miltary base, Kangerlussuaq also has a 25km dirt road that offers access to the spectacular and formerly unreachable Greenland ice cap. In the summer, people kayak and hike around the fjords and lakes, and in the winter, it’s apparently a great spot to see the dancing aurora in green, red and purple colours, if there are clear skies.