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Corporate event in Bordeaux

Welcome to Bordeaux ! The beautiful city of Bordeaux is an ideal stop over during your trip in France. A fairly large city over the Garonne River, Bordeaux and its surroundings is one of the most attractive areas in France. From the beaches of Cap Ferret, the Dune of Pyla – the largest natural dune in Europe – to the Medoc wine country and St Emilion, the entire area is the perfect stop for any seminar, reward trip or team building. Bordeaux is an absorbing place for a three or four day trip. France’s wine capital offers fine art galleries, excellent food and drink, as well as great shopping. Compact and largely pedestrianised, the city is easy to explore to on foot. And the surrounding countryside is simply an excuse to stay longer in the area.

Here are some good reasons to organize your corporate event in Bordeaux:

corporate event agency bordeaux

The food and the wine: Medoc, St Emilion, Pommerol, Saint Julien, Saint Estephe… these names sound familiar?Driving into the villages around Bordeaux is like exploring the best restaurant’s wine list. We organize wine tours and tastings in some of the best chateaux in the area. From St Emilion or the Medoc area, with the assistance ofprofessional wine makers and oenologists, we take you into the heart of wine. Learn about cepage, wine making, wine tasting, wine keeping, marrying food and wine… Andthe cooking! Why not enroll in a cookery course and prepare your own French dish that you will enjoy at the end of the course. We also organize special tours of the vineyards horseback riding, for another view of the area, with stops at some selected chateaux and lunch at some traditional inns.

The ocean and Arcachon: Just an hour and a half away from Bordeaux are some of the best beaches in France. Soulac, a nice holiday resort at the northern tip of the estuary, Lacanau and its huge waves attracting hordes of surf riders, the very chic Cap Ferret, and of course Arcachon. Famous for its “bassin” and its oysters, Arcachon is a quite village in summer and a bustling city in summer, a resort attracting many for its water sports, natural reserve, the oysters… it is the sun, the beach, the food and the wine altogether. From Arcachon, Tematis organizes cruises on the Bassin as well as half day and full days jet ski tours of the area, with stops at oyster farms, lunching on the beach and a lot of adrenaline.

corporate event agency bordeaux

Very near Arcachon is the Dune of Pyla, the largest dune in Europe. Totally natural, the dune is still growing due to the conjunction of the sea pushing the sand inland, and the forest pushing the sand towards the sea. A natural reserve, the Dune of Pyla is an ideal spot to try sand boarding or simply to enjoy the view or to start a champagne reception at sunset.

Adrenaline: the Bordeaux area is also home of some of the most exhilarating experiences. Tematis organizes jet fighter flights from Bordeaux Merignac, the fastest way to explore the area and enjoy some aerobatics at the same time. We can also organize driving days on the nearby circuit, if your participants would like to try pushing their driving skills on Ferraris, Lamborghinis and other supercars. And for the adrenaline junkies, we organize sky diving experiences over the vineyards.

corporate event agency bordeaux

VIP: for smaller groups of truly VIPs, we organize full tours which can include helicopter pickups and drops at selected chateaux, or limousine transfers, associated with the best accommodation and best food experience.

Accommodation: There are many hotels in the area but larger hotels are in the airport area. The truly very nice and up market hotels do not have a lot of capacity and are usually in wine country. Our best picks: the Hostellerie de Plaisance in St Emilion – this is one the finest hotels in the South West, with a Michelin two star chef and the best location in St Emilion. In Pauillac, the finest is Cordeillan Bages, a must stay for its world famous chef, Thierry Marx. For those looking for well being, Les Sources de Caudalie is the place to stay, with treatments based of wine therapy. But there are many others, small chateaux surrounded by vineyards to larger and standardized hotel chains available to suit all group sizes as well as budget.

Bordeaux is truly one of the most attractive city in France. With easy access, fast train or via the international airport, Bordeaux also benefits from good weather most of the year. And from early spring, the sun shines till late fall. Do not hesitate to contact us if we like to know more about what Tematis can do for you.

Tematis is a corporate event agency in France.

corporate event flying

Corporate event in the Sky

France is a beautiful country, sometimes even more beautiful when seen from the air. And we have a great experience for people fond of aviation, especially if you are organizing your incentive or seminar in a great location. If you have a day or half a day, you can get your hands on a plane and learn how to fly. This activity is particularly good as it delivers a great sense of achievement, instantly. This is ideal for groups of up to 10 people. We are able to set this up in most cities in France.

corporate event flying

So how does it work? You are welcomed at the airfield by our pilots. You will first follow a briefing reviewing subjects such as aviation dynamics, but also instruments, and the basic controls of how to fly a plane. Then you get into the cockpit where you have another briefing with the pilot, to review the instruments and safety on board. And then it’s magical as you turn the engine on, start taxiing to the runway and gradually push the throttle to full power.

Feel your airplane take-off, bank, turn according to your maneuvers. You are flying the plane. After a few maneuvers you will start your approach and land under the supervision of the pilot instructor. Usually the entire experience takes about 1 hour per person, including 20mn flight. In order to avoid waiting time for the participants we put up 3 or 4 aircrafts at the same time. Also, people not flying themselves can be in the back seat and enjoy the ride.

corporate event flying

This is a great experience. Lunch can be organised on site of course if you want to do this in a day. Many people may think that flying small airplanes is quite tricky when it is actually simple. And anyone can take off provided they are under the supervision of a professional pilot. This flying experience becomes even better when flying – for example – over the volcanoes in Auvergne, or along the coast of the Riviera.

Want to know more ? Contact us. Tematis is a corporate event agency in France.

corporate event agency cannes

Corporate event in Cannes

Cannes is a sexy place, and you should organise your corporate event in the Riviera for this exact reason. Cannes is one of the hottest towns for incentives, even better than St Tropez which is just too small and a killer for traffic. We enjoy Cannes, as it has glamour, sparks, many activities to do, many great hotels, and the beach. But we should warn you, an event in Cannes is expensive, so if you want to do something in one of the sexiest place in France, be prepared to spend. Below are the key points in favour of Cannes:

corporate event agency cannes

Great hotels: Cannes has some of the best hotels in the world. The Carlton, The Majestic or The Martinez are classics and classy. They host most of the big stars during the film festival. For those who want something with a twist, the 3:14 delivers that, with a rooftop pool and a great lounge bar. There are other hotels, but those are the best. They also have great meetings and conference rooms, all very well equipped so that you can work efficiently and peacefully.

corporate event agency cannes

Nightlife: this is one of the reasons to travel to Cannes. There are many clubs, bars, lounge bars, all very exciting. Our favourite is the Baoli, at the end of the pier, which has indoor and outdoor areas. You can have dinner there, and the food is excellent. The restaurants transforms into a night club around 11pm and that is usually the time when the beautiful and rich flock en masse to the Baoli. It is a great place to party, and where they host some of the best parties during the Cannes Film festival. You should also have dinner on the beach. Many of the great hotels have a private beach with a restaurant, and this one of the best ways to unwind after a day of work.

corporate event agency cannes

Activities: if you wish to take some time off work and do something, Cannes is a great place as it offers diverses activities. You have the sea, the mountains are not far. You can decide to rent a yacht for a day, venture off the coast to go swim with dolphins. You can also decide to rent a few supercars and enjoy driving to Monaco for a nice lunch on the harbor. Grasse is not far, and there you can visit some perfume makers, and even create your very own perfume. For those who want a more sportive approach, try cycling in the mountains, or rafting (early spring only), unless you prefer to try out some of the via ferratas.

corporate event agency cannes

There are so many things to do in and around Cannes. This is a great place to organise your event, seminar or incentive, but again, be prepared to spend.

Tematis is your corporate event agency in Cannes

corporate event agency france

Corporate event in Etretat: golfing day out

If you are passionate about Golf and are looking for a challenging course, look no further than Etretat, right on the cliffs’ edge. The environment is simply stunning. Located in North West France, just 2 hours from Paris, Etretat is a nice and quiet village on the white cliffs. The town makes it a perfect venue for a working session followed by a round of golf. The course is especially pleasant in spring and summer as you get to enjoy a fantastic game of golf, right above the sea… And the club house is great too, with a diversity of quality food and drinks.

corporate event agency france

We like to organise these golfing days in Etretat, especially for smaller groups. Participants should have experience in golfing, but we can also recruit trainers, including professionals, if some of your guests are beginners. Experienced golfers will particularly enjoy the 10th hole, with a drive plunging seaward from the cliffs before sweeping back up to an elevated and restyled green. The course has been designed by architects Chantepie et Fruchet, and the challenge is really to master wind exposition.

corporate event agency france

There are many nice hotels in and around Etretat. Most of them have less than 20 rooms so it makes it a golfing day out for smaller groups. And for those who do not like golf, there many other things to do in the area, such as bike riding, sailing, and even flying a jet fighter along the coast of Etretat.

Tematis is corporate event agency in France. Contact us if you to know more about what we can do for your event.


Corporate event in Paris: cook with the best chefs

The French being french, we are of course very much interested in food… And we are not the only ones apparently as we have experienced over the years. France remains a very interesting destination for all food lovers and we organise some great cooking lessons all over the country. This experience is great for smaller groups of 15 people max as then it becomes overcrowded in the kitchen. We have cherry picked the chefs working with us, so that you get the best in France. From Alain Ducasse himself, to less known chefs but equal talent. Below are some of the cooking lessons we organise and that are usually very much appreciated by our clients:

corporate event agency france

Molecular cuisine in Paris: Our chef is one of the most avant garde, and has made a specialty of molecular cooking. You learn the techniques, the physics, and how to prepare your dishes with unique ingredients that will make your plate look from out of this world. Also very much appreciated is our Italian cooking lesson with one of the best chefs from Naples, Italy. She is tempered like all Italians, and masters her cuisine like no other. Alba also has a passion to share her cuisine and demonstrates every day that Italian cuisine is not just about pizza and pasta. Alba is now very famous in France, with appearances in TV shows and a lot of coverage in the press.

What else? How about cooking with Alain Ducasse, THE master chef of France, and now a brand all over the world. We give you access to his kitchen to share his passion and expertise. We like food, and we also enjoy conviviality. This is why after each cooking lesson, you will be able enjoy your meal with selected wines. There is no other “French way” to end a cooking workshop. These experiences can be done all over France, but in small groups to truly enjoy the cooking. We can also add some wine tasting experience to complement the cooking, which is also very nice.

Tematis is your corporate event agency in France. Contact us to know more about what we can do for your event.


Vip corporate event in the Riviera

If you are looking to impress clients or reward your teams because they did a great job, here is special event that will be just perfect for those looking for luxury and the sun. We have done this event many times, and it always works perfectly, especially for people really looking to get into the Riviera Spirit. This program is for small groups – up to 15, 20 people max – and it remains exclusive throughout. This program is based on 2 days.

Saturday morning: Whether you land in Nice or Cannes, we will pick your group at the airport in a luxury bus and transfer to your chosen hotel in Cannes. We work with a variety of 4 and 5 star hotels and we will be happy to recommend one according to your tastes and budget. Then by mid-morning, we walk to the harbor. You will have plenty of time to admire the yachts and then board your own for a cruise in the bay. We like to rent one specific yacht as it has 3 open decks, which makes it perfect to enjoy the sun and the scenery.

corporate event agency france

We cruise in the bay and then stop between the Isles of Lerins, where the water is crystal clear. You can enjoy a swim or simply enjoy your champagne lunch. Then you will hear the roar of a speedboat coming. It is also for you as you will spend the afternoon trying out the speed of a huge speedboat, in turns. This experience is incredible and exhilarating. After all have tried this at the end of the afternoon, the yacht slowly returns at the harbor where you get a bit of time to relax. Dinner is at the Baoli, a very chic and trendy restaurant/club where all the movie stars gather when at the film festival. You can party all night…

On the Sunday, after a lazy morning, we take you to Grasse, a small village just 30mn from Cannes. This village is famous for its perfume makers, mostly working on lavender. It is also very famous for La Bastide St Antoine, a multi awarded restaurant. As you go through the gates of the property, you will see sports cars, such as Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini… Impressive. Even better, they are yours to drive before lunch. With the guidance of a professional driver, you will each try out the cars on the winding roads of the countryside. You can test the accelerations and breakings. This is also very impressive.

Then lunch awaits you, in the superb environment of the Bastide St Antoine, a Michelin awarded restaurant, with fantastic views reaching to the sea. The food is exquisite and well worth travelling to Grasse just for this. After lunch, we drive you back to the hotel. Depending on your departure time, you can either have some free time, or we drive you back to the airport.

This is a short 2 day program, mixing relaxation, adrenaline, partying, great food, yacht and super cars. This is what the Riviera is all about. Not everyone likes this, but if you do, this program will not disappoint you. Contact us to know more.

Tematis is a corporate event agency in France


Tematis – your corporate event agency in France

If you are a company looking for a corporate event agency in France, look no further. We have been in the hospitality/events business since 2006 and are proud to see our clients working with us again and again. This must means we are doing things right. Tematis focuses on organizing your corporate events in France. We are French, which helps, but our team is also made of fluent English speakers, as well as Spanish and Italians.

What do we do ? As a preamble, we do things happily, focusing on service, quality and value.

We understand that your event is important, therefore we make sure all goes according to plan and that each participant returns with a smile on the face. We organise all your corporate events in France:

  • Congress
  • Working seminars
  • Day’s out
  • Working events
  • Product launches
  • Client days out
  • Market discovery

Learn more about our services by checking our dedicated page. We try, and will continue in the future to provide you with ideas, and you can see even more ideas for your corporate event on our main website Do not hesitate also to contact us by email or phone for any query you may have.

Tematis is a corporate event agency based in France